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What is Three A Light?

Change the way you think about growing marijuana indoors. Three A Light opens up a new world of gardening possibility and innovation for passionate and curious gardeners. In this lavishly illustrated how to grow cannabis book, we cover the nine vital components of growing marijuana indoors in order to achieve your highest average yield per light.

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Learn the 9 Vital Components to Growing


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to grow specific genetics to achieve results?


Not really, we've run hundreds of strains with our techniques and achieve three or more pounds per light with about 90% of them. We encourage you to find a strain, or strains, that you like and run our techniques on them for at least a couple of generations to see the results for yourself. You will notice the quality and yield increase as the strains get used to how you care for them.

Can I use your methods on a small scale garden?


Yes, our book was designed to teach anyone with an ambition to grow cannabis. Whether you have one light or 1000 lights... This book is for you, we provide a simplified step by step approach to a very complex process. Teaching you everything you need to know from setting up your garden, to executing every step of growing from seed to harvest.

How do you justify the book's price point?


We know that there is countless how-to-grow content out there, but none of it can provide the extensive information and customer service you will get from Three A Light. We offer the only grow book that includes thorough and clear step-by-step instruction, with new innovative techniques that are proven successful. This IS the cannabis grow book you have been waiting for. It provides a simple approach to a very painstaking and complex process. What's more, your book purchase also includes the following:

• FREE expert grow customer service that will answer any questions you may have!

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What is Success Nutrients?


Success Nutrients™ was built by growers for growers. We are dedicated to providing gardeners with superior products for their gardens as well as customer service that is beyond all expectations. Our goal is to revolutionize modern gardening as you know it, with an emphasis on stronger plants, healthier flowers, and an overall cleaner product. Our nine-part nutrient line was the culmination of all the micro and macro nutrients found to produce the most grams per square foot, while achieving the highest quality yields possible. Learn more about Success Nutrients at

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Includes complete nine-part product line to feed your plants exactly what they need! Learn more about Success Nutrients in the FAQ section above.

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