Seed Germination (Pages 5-8)

Cloning (Pages 9-16)

Initial Transplant (Pages 17-22)

Final Transplant (Pages 23-28)

Topping and Pruning (Pages 29-38)

Transition to Flower (Pages 39-44)

Day 1 Schwazze (Pages 45-56)

Day 20 Schwazze (Pages 57-68)

Netting (Pages 69-78)

Harvest (Pages 79-88)

Dry & Cure (Pages 89-96)

Temperature (Pages 101-108)

Humidity (Pages 109-116)

Room Dynamic (Pages 121-126)

Equipment (Pages 127-138)

Genetics (Pages 139-144)

Success Nutrients and Watering (Pages 145-182)

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